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1984 called, said “Sorry I’m late!”

I’ve been trying to put these ideas into words for weeks. Thank you Victor Davis Hanson.

“When Ms. Pelosi and President Obama voice support for the protestors, we enter 1984. Does that mean that the Pelosis now pull their millions out of Wall Street, that the First Family eschews the 1% at Martha’s Vineyard and Vail? That Obama turns his back on Wall Street cash, and, for once, accepts public funding for his 2012 campaign? Postmodern class warfare is an insidious business, and hinges on its advocates not looking in the mirror.”

There is nothing more infuriating than talking to someone who supports *both* the OWS movement and this President. Now to file this away for use next time I run into such a person! Though I suppose the definition of futility is arguing with an imbecile…

Mike Rowe for President!

OK, maybe not. I wouldn’t wish it on someone so capable of pretty much *anything* else, but after reading his posts in this forum (start with post #14 on page 2 and just keep reading what he says), I’m even more enamored of him than I was before (and I didn’t think it was possible to admire the guy MORE than I did).

Here’s just a sample to whet your appetite:

“”Because all too often Clem, we grow to resent the thing we depend on. It’s the great, unintended consequence of our welfare system. We have come to accept the idea that it’s OK to hand out taxpayer money with the expectation of getting nothing in return. In fact, a lot people honestly believe it’s the role of government to do that very thing. Personally, I think those people have confused governance with charity. Charity comes with no strings attached, and can be provided by anyone – loved ones and caring strangers alike. Churches. The Red Cross. Doctors Without Boarders. The Salvation Army. Take your pick. Government however, does not exist for that purpose. Citizenship and democracy demand participation. From everyone. Government Welfare does not. It doesn’t matter how well-intended its proponents are, or how dire the circumstances of the recipient might be. Our government can’t work if we run it like a charity. “

Go. Read more now. You can thank me later.