1984 called, said “Sorry I’m late!”

I’ve been trying to put these ideas into words for weeks. Thank you Victor Davis Hanson.

“When Ms. Pelosi and President Obama voice support for the protestors, we enter 1984. Does that mean that the Pelosis now pull their millions out of Wall Street, that the First Family eschews the 1% at Martha’s Vineyard and Vail? That Obama turns his back on Wall Street cash, and, for once, accepts public funding for his 2012 campaign? Postmodern class warfare is an insidious business, and hinges on its advocates not looking in the mirror.”

There is nothing more infuriating than talking to someone who supports *both* the OWS movement and this President. Now to file this away for use next time I run into such a person! Though I suppose the definition of futility is arguing with an imbecile…

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