Someone is gouging us

…and it ain’t “Big Oil!”
I don’t know why, but this issue really gets my undies in a bunch. I’m so frustrated with the way people–including now the President (who ought to know better)–blame “BIG OIL” like it’s some homogenous blob controlled by one or two evil rich white men in fancy suits who smoke cigars and step on the little people for fun. There is no such creature!
People forget that companies like Exxon Mobil had some pretty lean years, and that their profit increases this first quarter pale by comparison to those of Comcast Cable or even Harrah’s casinos! Exxon showed profit increases (even during these recent higher-priced periods) of only 7%. Know what Comast and Harrah’s had? 200% and 75% respectively.
Where are the protesters with pitchforks going after the evil awful BIG CABLE or BIG GAMBLING companies! Cable is the better analogy really because at this point, everyone “needs” cable just to watch even the most basic TV (you get no reception without it anymore).
Even people who don’t drive cars (like New Yorkers) have to pay absurdly high prices for their television and Internet service, but they don’t complain about it. The irony of course is that the cable companies do more–much more–to “conspire” to gouge us than the oil companies ever do or did, even in their wildest dreams they couldn’t imagine a public complacent enough to allow them the latitude Comcast has had! Cable companies have a stranglehold on their markets, and government has colluded with them to have it. Then the government has taxed the crap out of the product we have no choice but to have, and at such high price points to begin with, that has jacked up government’s revenues to all-time-highs!
But find me the people who will rant and rave about the high cost of government, and how the evil fat cats in suits in D.C. are to blame, are “gouging” us. Find these people, and I’ll find you a flying pig.
If the oil companies really could gouge us now, why wouldn’t they have done it sooner? (I imagine hearing crickets chirping in Chuck Shumer’s office when this question is asked). If the oil companies were made up of rich greedy people, then why are so many state government pension plans invested so heavily in their stocks??? Come to think of it, how much Exxon stock do you think Chucky has in his own portfolio?
Where are the reporters who really DESERVE Pulitzer prizes when we need ‘em?? Oh, that’s right, no one is leaking information like that to them, so we’ll never hear about it. Pity…
This whole discussion is a tempest in a teapot anyway. Want cheaper gas? Increase supply relative to demand. How do you do that? Not by driving more, but by DRILLING more, preferably in ANWAR. Personally, I think it would do more to help our position with the Iranians than sanctions ever would, AND it would bring the cost of gas in the USA down dramatically.
But even if we can’t get gas prices down, I’d be happy if we could just stop hearing from people who can’t do math.

One thought on “Someone is gouging us

  1. ed

    I remember 1960, gas $.25/gal, bread is $.25/loaf
    late 70s gas breaks $1/gal, bread is $1/loaf
    Today, gas is $3/gal, bread is $2.70 to $3.80/loaf
    Hat to pay that much, but historically it is not out of line.
    As a %of average income it is probably less.

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